Monday, January 3, 2011

Republicans in Charge in Wisconsin Again

Like many raised elsewhere in Wisconsin, I voted for U.S. Senator Ron Johnson, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker and Wisconsin State Treasurer Kurt Schuller. They all won.

Some of my liberal Madison friends are in a state of shock and denial. How dare voters in other counties fire U.S. Senator Russ Feingold? How dare Republicans win elections as Governor, majorities in both Wisconsin legislative Houses, and State Treasurer? How dare voters fire Dr. Steve Kagen and not choose Wisconsin State Senator Julie Lassa to replace Dave Obey?

How dare Scott Walker keep his promise to kill the rail plan from Milwaukee to Madison? How dare ousted Senate Majority Leader Russ Decker turn down state employee contracts? Many are silent about springing former Assemblyman Jeff Wood from the Chippewa County jail where he is serving a sentence for repeated intoxicated driving offenses so the employee contracts could pass by one vote in the Assembly.

How dare the Fitzgerald brothers be Speaker of the House and Majority Leader in the Senate? How dare Assemblyman Robin Vos and Senator Alberta Darling rule the Joint Finance Committee and declare the state should live within means again?

For most of my life, the Wisconsin Senate, Governor, Attorney General, and Congressmen around Green Bay have been Republican. When I was a boy, I was photographed with Seventh District Congressman Melvin Laird, a Republican. I was afraid that I would not live to see it again.

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